Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Review: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F

It was a truely 'wow' moment when Manga Entertainment announced that on September the 30th they were screening Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F around the UK.

This is one of the first anime titles to be shown on cinema in the UK which is not Studio Ghibli related.

Being one of the most iconic anime's spanning over 325 chapters in manga form. One of the few anime's to be dubbed into several territories over the world and then into  games and animated movies.

I was fortunate to get tickets for the showing at Bluewater , whereas other Londoners went to the Prince Charles Cinema. Here I saw lots of enthusiasts talking of the series before and after the screening. You also got a free keyring after, sadly I didn't get Goku or Gohan but Freezer himself.

The Film is set after the Freezer sage, Cell Saga and Maijin Boo saga. In fact the beginning eludes you into thinking you were watching another film with happy animals dancing around din flowers where something is tied up in a tree. This is Freezer in his personal hell.

With a great opening scene such as this, the crowd laughed and onto the main story where Freezer's minions seek the Deragon Balls in order to summon Shenron to bring Freezer to life like the title indicates - Resurrection F.

We see all our favourite warriors older, including a Krillen with a head full of hair, Gohan donning a suit rathe than a Ghii and of course Goku and Vegeta still training. This time we see a lot more of Beerus and Whis since Goku and Vegeta literally turn up unannounced to train and well with a little help of edible bribery.

Beerus and Whis feel like villains more than comrades but that adds to their charm and gluttony for Earth food. The animation on the food was divine - i think I wanted the banana split more than they did. With poignant uses of CGI at places the anime really looked crisp on the big screen.

Also the audio was dubbed and it was great to hear the likes of Sean Schemmel, Christopher R. Sabat, Monica Riel again. Also fans of XXXholic would have been pleased to hear Colleen Clinkenbeard and Todd Haberkorn and more much loved favourites who paved the way in anime for a high standard of voice acting.

Obviously hardcore fans of the manga would know the outcome of the movie but I was blown away by the jokes and chemistry between the characters I had not seen for a long time and to hear the audience laugh and gasp alongside the scenes was refreshing.

Also sad part was you didn't get to see Android 18 fuight nor any sign of Trunks or Gotenks. However you get to see a new Super Saiyan form  which is blue and Freezer got full on Gold. Also a rare tim e not seeing Yamcha dying but a lot of Master Roshi kicking butt and taking names. Some of the best one liners came out of Vegetas mouth, I love his hate for Goky, even when they are old and decrepit he will will never let Goku forget how stupid he is.

I dont have to tell you what happened in the movie, frankly I recommend you watch on cinema or buy on DVD. Hopefully Manag Entertainment bring out more titles to the big screen.

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