Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Mince Pie Reviews 2015: Sainsbury Bakery

It's that time of the year and mince pies are rife, to be honest they've been knocking around from October but who can turn a good mince pie down BUT which is the pie to rule them all? Starting with Sainsbury's Bakery pies, I spied them today whilst locating sourdough bread. 


What lured me to this pie?
The star detail of course. Showing all the goods on offer, hehe. Well you can see some have over spilled over the thick shortcrust pastry. MMMM GLUTEN

The First Bite

I will say the pastry has been the best I've tried since 2014 and it was crunchy but didn't crumble into my mouth. It was perfect consistency, not dry or too sweet or chewy - just right. The Mince itself was mild, with t he odd rasien with a burst of sugary sweetness. 


Four for 80p or two boxes for £1.50 (8) With a saving of 10p


Small  portions means you will be eating two at a time. Tastes great with double cream. I would recommend NOT to heat up as it makes the filling chewy. Looks like a kid made it but great for people not into sickly sweet desserts. 

3/5 The modest pie

Moore Mince pie reviews to follow during December but if your not a fan check out my blog for all the latest event news, anime, game reviews, cosplay and Japanese culture.

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