Saturday, 7 November 2015

Brighton comic con: live blog

I am on my way to Brighton with hope of meeting one of my favourite vampires in history - James Masters aka Spike. Check back here for live updates about the events. Photos will be added when I get home.

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One of the main attractions included the attendance of James Masters known for his role of Spike the bad boy vampire in Buffs the Vampire slayer as well as Torchwood and movies.

He shared tables with John Hurt who is famous for many roles including Aliens. Watership Down, Harry Potter the list foes on. Both had talks costing £10 and photo shoots snd costumed shoots.

If you are a horror fan Romero was in attendance again famed for his series of zombie movies Including day of the dead.

If you didn't come for the guests you came for cosplay with a large amount of entries including the ginger bread men, lego man, red shirts from star trek. gambit, judge dredd family and humanoid gundam.

Also most of the two floors of the Halton Metrapole was full of stalls selling comics, sci fi merchendise, anime figures, decoed shoes, plushies and tons of tshirts.

There was definitely something for everyone in the family to enjoy, barring the extreme heat, best to bring a fan and lots of water. Refreshments were being sold throughout the venue which was handy and toilets cleaned regularly - yaay!

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