Sunday, 13 December 2015

Capcom uk 's Christmas event

The Capcom UK headquarters is famous for hosting regular events at the offices in the centre of London. Which was scheduled to be a monster hunter events was last minute changed to Street Fighter V. This did not deter any gamers, it was a full house of 100 people who had to be on the guest list.

People were allowed to wait in the reception till festivities commenced upstairs in the Capcom den. It was a great set up of three big screens set up with Street Fighter 5 (with light up Ryu busts) and even Mega Man. The best part is there are plugs everywhere to charge your 3DS and mobile phones. Since I was periscoping the event this certainly came in handy. Follow me on Twitter to watch my videos on periscope @aisha_anime

After about an hour of casual gaming we had an annoy meant of free t shirts I had never seen people dive so fast into a cardboard box. This was a first for me to receive a freebie. This was followed by another announcement 30 minutes later, this time the stampede to the foyer ensued. Where freebies we're littered on the desk and floor which include games: Resident Evil 6, Left for Dead 6, Project x Zone, StreetFfighter x Tekken and Capcom classics. Other freebies were Resident Evil 6 watches, t shirts, key rings, SF figures and Monster Hunter blind boxes.

This was very invigorating and only the most hardcore stayed and continued their street fighter 5 matches. It was great to see people so happy and mingling in order to trade freebies. But that wasn't all, 25 minutes later Jake the community manager walks in once more to announce they had a batch of over 18 freebies that got forgotten so all the fittest (with id) ran for the third round of glories freebies. 

Capcom uk went all out to lease the fans and everyone either left making new friends, street passing or with some swag. Merry Christmas to all the hunters from Capcom - and thank you from the fans it was worth the trek to Hammersmith.

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