Saturday, 19 December 2015

Snowy Lane Luxury Mince Pies (from Lidl)

After all the hype over these specific brand of mince pies in 2014, I was able to procure two boxes in early December. Quoted by Which? as the best brand of Mince pies to buy. Snowy Lane Luxury Mince Pies (from Lidl) will you out do the others?


They have changed the packaging since last year, now in a posh looking box with see through window. The holly leaf has now become a star. It has the standard mince pie look with a star pattern on top. Lots of sugar was on top to create the snowy look.

The First Bite

The Mince itself was mild, but the overwhelming taste of orange engulfed my tongue. The smell lept at your nostrils once crunching into it. and from each pie varied in quantity, once pie had lots and one was half empty.


6 for £1.15


Standard size, overwhelming taste, I tried two batches and this is the new recipe. Unless your a citrus fanatic i think this pies are not so great. Not that sweet, even drowning it in cream didnt mute the orange taste.

1/5 So much promise so much Dissapoint!

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