Monday, 21 December 2015

We are Perfume: 3rd Document Movie

It was great to have the opportunity to see rare Japanese films on the big screen let alone a documentary about a music band. We are Perfume: 3rd Document Movie was shown at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green sold out completely of merchandise including 30 t-shirts, 30 stickers and 30 folders showing the documentary title photograph. 

The showing itself big enough to screen 100 filled a whooping 89 seats at 12 noon on a Saturday, this was a great success for the NHK to show in the UK and should be an incentive to show more niche Japanese movies in London.

Amongst Japanese enthusiasts the UK Perfume PTA were in attendance with all there purchased merch and there own fan made items including laser printer models of the three ladies in a fans hat. It was also nice to see genuine Japanese fan towels on show too.

 The Film itself used footage from Perfume's debut audition tape to the most recent tour in 2014 mixed with new interviews. We got to hear from the girls themselves how they met and the introduction of Nochhi to the group and how they felt she was the relaxed member who brought fun to the overall serious thinking troup.

One of my favourite moments was footage from the London tour last year which I attended, Nochhi in fact forgot some of her steps and had a moment looking around on stage lost - this was not something a lot of people would notice and she talks about it opening and then we see the comical clip. It's these moments that show they are human as well as famous pop idols, at last we see the idols who strut around in heels put their legs in ice to calm the leg swelling!

It was also a great insight into the bands rituals, how the three say a mantra before each show and pat each o n the back for reassurance. It is also great team work and they show appreciation to all staff alongside them put the shows together. When the LED lights malfunction on the USA tour the poor manager takes the blame upon herself when Perfume reassure her they did a great performance despite which was a test to their ability and the fans enjoyed the show.

Speaking of fans watching the rare meet and greets was invigorating a select few in USA got to meet the band intimately including having chats and lots of photos. Any suggestions on favourite songs where taken very seriously and A-chan would re evaluate each set list before the next show.

I have also been educated in Merlions thanks to this documentary, if I ever go Singapore I am checking it out. The ladies discover different tourist attractions in each destination they go to and even get recognized in the street. You followed the trio with their highs and lows and feel close to the aspiring singers who still have yet to hit the big time in their own (modest) eyes. Their next big aim to perform in Times Square in 2017 - let's see if this will happen.

A great documentary using backstage filming with high quality interviews with each individual member put into a chronological order following the whole 3rd Perfume tour in 2014. Definitely worth buying on DVD when it's out.

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