Friday, 24 February 2012

Hyper Japan 2012 Diary: Day 1 *uncut*

Public transport was a mess last year, I took extra time and effort to get to Earl's Court today and ended up almost an hour early. As much as I love the bustle it was a relief to see that the queue wasn't too long and moving around inside would be a breeze. In fact the hall was a lot bigger than the Olympia hall last year.

As soon as I ascended the escalators I was greeted by everyone's favorite plumber, Mario! Joyfully before being distracted by the many wonder Nintendo games, including the newly released game 'The Last Story' I was really curious about he cellulite be gone tool...for your face. 

Yes people there is a sort of rake you massage on your cheeky which makes your cellulite disappear and appear to have a slimmer face. At the stall B-Gadget's I came across other miracle items like the srubbing mit to whiten your teeth and even the natural foot pedi (which is equivalent top the fish pedi) and after 3 days your feet are still naturally exfoliating themselves! With the founder being a professional beautician, this stuff isn't to be questioned.

Next I was lured to J books by all the pretty colours! They had all the popular Japanese photo books with luxury gifts(makeup bags, purses) and my personal favorite Gothic Lolita(learn to make your own lolita dresses, if you have the time and a sewing machine) and even a few quirky favorites that I am holding below, a boobie mouse mat helps prevents RSI (repetitive strain injury caused from button bashing or work...bloody work) I am told so maybe it's worth us all investing in.

I found my favorite plushie and figure stockist, Neon Martian catering to all my Tepig (pokemon) needs. But if figures aren't your thing then maybe you should be checking the accessories stalls. Tanalata really stood out to me, as alot of their jewelry were handmade but different to all the others, I love cameo necklaces and they are happy to make them with images of your favorite anime/manga characters. Also I must commend their hat rack sparkling with vintage glamour.

Another unusual designer I came across was Sah Starr, with 2 years of fashion and design under her belt, she designs and creates her own jewelry and clothing brand (named after herself) she is her own one band (wo)man and even accepts commissions, her style reflects the inner gothic/nympth inside us.

I also came across an old Camden favorite Cyberdog, one of the sales assistants showed me with delight the range of Violent lips that are all the rage at the moment since Jessie J's video 'Mandem' and they had the whole glitter, to animal print range, a must for the makeup enthusiast.

Hyper Japan newbies Something Kawaii impressed me with their Japanese trinkets from decorative ang high detailed erasers to super kitch nail art sticks, just slick it with a thin blade and glue to your nails! With highly reasonable prices, even i indulged myself in a blue rabbit nail art stick.

Another unusual designer I came across was Miwary, she has a range of grandma chic vintage items including: (all hand sewn) tea cups, animal barrets, rings and a real fashion must have removable collars. Her style is influenced by the Mori gal movement (sub genre of Lolita) and she even dresses to reflect it and trust me she is ever sewing away behind her stall making more stock as her items sell fast!
Now all this shopping is making me hungry so i stop by Peko Peko for some Wasabi peas and sit down at the Stage are to watch the talk on the new exhibit showing at the V & A. The display will feature sever Lolita genres that reflect different British movements ie Gothic, punk... Ironically, I approached one of the Lolita's in the audience and inquired about her cute rabbit barret and she pointed me to Now Voyage, back to shopping after the informative talk. Now Voyage specialized in felt cake ornaments, brooches and barrets, the rabbits were one of many animal creations now taking over the Hyper Japan heads.

This time I decided to check out the Kimono portraits and decided to get one with my two friends Ronnie & Chrissy coz we're gangsta like that and want even Japan to know. After 15minutes of being dressed and then a random wig being thrown on, i had now been given the privileged of seeing what i look like in 20 years time. i shall stick to lolita skirts and short hair cuts till I am fifty!

After seeing my future self I sought comfort food and Chocolate Banana was the right decision. These were infact bananas on sticks with melted chocolate and strawberry chocolate coated on and hardened. My strawberry banana was satisfying and healthy goodness all at once.

I couldn't help but watch Niconico Japanese Youtube videoing live from their stall, after staring at the super cool neko ears which move according to your brainwaves. One of the hosts grabbed me and positioned in front of the camera and stuck the ears on after being told to image exciting things like sake the ears went mental and it took imagining a forest for my ears to calm down. Unknown to me that people were making LIVE comments and they were flying across the screen, ignorance is bliss and trust me after seeing some of the comments on the ladies and children who went on after me I did NOT want to know what the Japanese public thought of me. I happened to see the comments of the girl after me, they weren't nice on her intelligence or her looks but once the gal; opened her mouth, everyone was offering marrigae proposals and an abundance of 8888888888888888888's (8 means clapping in NicoNico world apparently) littered the screens with a lot of smutty comments including 'I wonder what she sounds like when she falls out of bed?' and 'bend over' eww does not even begin to voice my dismay.

After a little bit of international embarrassment I mosey on down to the Third Window stall to inquire about the highly anticipated signing by Director Miki Satoshi and he would be around signing DVD's (including the new Miki Satoshi Collection boxset) Saturday and Sunday at 1pm at the main stage so all Instant Swamp and Turtle fans you now know where to go.

Also finally Cybercandy answered my prayers and brought in their own Purikura (photo sticker machine) machine in their stall perfect to catch some Hyper Japan madness after having your sugar rush off their tasty candy.

Before leaving, got to watch a really entertaining dance and sing along, 15 year old Venus Angelic, a You Tube dancer and comedian. I decided to join in the fun and began to sing my coat pompom almost knocking a bystander in the face, it was then I decided it was time to leave. Hyper Japan what excitement do you hold for me tomorrow ?

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