Friday, 10 February 2012

Streetfighter x Tekken Round 5: Strike a Pose contest

On a last minute whim and quite frankly laughing my head off at the parody photos I decided to enter this competition.

This entailed dressing up as your favourite Streetfighter or Tekken character, and doing their winning pose and submitting the photograph to be judged for a week by the public then judged for a week by the Super Cool Creative team (who sponsored the contest).

Since I don't own a red chinese dress but in fact a black one, I decided to do an alternate colour of Anna Williams, borrowing my friend's boyfriends back (cheers Paddy) and my work place's kennel room, I decided to take this contest a little more seriously than at originally...who knows I may actually win right ? :p

Voting doesn't start till the 13th February so vote for meeeeeeeeee plllleasssse ~

Judges take in consideration the costume, interesting background, level of competitivness in the photo.

Update: I came first int the Tekken Team,thank you so much for whoever voted and asked their family, friends, and pets to vote for me and especially for believing in my last minute stuper! It all paid off and I am very proud of it. It's one thing to win a lottery or lucky dip at random but when you've worked hard it's that much more rewarding :)

Now When do I get my PS3.

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