Monday, 13 February 2012

Secret Screening: In the Pool

I joined the Third Window Films mailing list a few years ago but never managed to make any of their free film screenings. This year's resolution for me: ATTEND AS MANY FREE EVENTS AS POSSIBLE!

So I pitched the idea to my world cinema partner in crime Ronnie and her sis Chrissy and plans were made, almost cancelled and then re hashed and we went.

It was held at the trendy Roxy bar near London Bridge station, never been before, was plesently suprised by the modest outside, walked past it but inside was a posh as Fangtasia (True Blood reference) minus the vampires and hookers ! We got there a good 30mins before the showing and I warn you in advance if you do go in the future: GET THERE EARLY! We just about got the last remaining 3 seats next to each other. Whereas, others had to sit away from their friends if not turned away! Yes it was a full house and I even passed up beverages protecting my high chair !

Since Third Window were celebrating the new Satoshi Miki box set they showed his 2005 comedy In the Pool. Didn't know what to expect apart from perhaps water :p but it really was a mix of drama, comedy and venturing deep into the mind. 

The memories we hold on to, traumatizing us till the end of our days, we foll several people who see a odd doctor for various problems. A woman who has a severe form of OCD and always thinks she's left the window open or the air con on and thus cannot go on holiday. A guy with a permanent boner holding him back at work and even with the ladies. What's the pool got to do with any of this? not a lot but there is an amusing scene with a fridge at the end. I won't spoil it but please watch this movie if you let certain events hold you back in life.

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