Sunday, 18 March 2012

John Carter: dos mundos un heroe (why is this in French?)

Taylor Kitsch as John Carter 
(Ps. No spoilers ahead)

Saw John Carter at the Greenwich Odeon and let me tell you it ain't about mummies ! My bros had in depth snor-a-thon discussion with my cousin in the car about it being a series of 11 books called 'Barsoom' series of  (1912–43), originally where the idea Star Wars came from and even Avatar. So literally walked in with a blank mind, which is probably the best frame of mind, so you don't get too dissapointed or over excited.

Lol I love the French tagline seems so unsuspectingly corny.
I liked the intro about the planet Mars, John Carter himself was a bit too awesome if you ask me but he was likable I can't hold it against him, I love a grumpy protagonist with a chip on his shoulder! Taylor Kitsch not to be confused with Ben Barnes did     a great job as being a pissed off soldier.

Lots of action, blowing stuff up, intresting story, spider men and a token cute dog/rock thing. This film was entertaining and well worth the money spent - good of done with a few ore laughs to have been perfect but I loved my special edition 3D glasses, they're red XD

inquire on my journey to cousins flat (behind Odeon cinema) we parked near a car which had the back seat door open with an empty baby seat inside...

About 3 hours later, came back to our and this vehicle was still open and deserted as far as we could see and after discussing the order of who'd died first if a serial killer attacked us I didn't even want to loiter around and inquire about the car.

Safe area or good dumping ground?

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