Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bricking it in the Dr Martin sale Queue

Dr Martin Warehouse Sale 2012

I’ve been super unsociable these last few months and well I made myself go out today and to a Dr Martin shoe sale to boot (pun totally intended)!

Never done this kind of designer madness before and trust me standing in a 3 block queue for 3 hours is absolute madness indeed. Not only did I have belly ache, I needed to go pee and refuel. My mate who invited me to the event persevered and kept feeding me fantasies of the shexay shoes every time my determination weigned.

Cool Brick Lane Graffitti

A blood orange ice cream later and fever away we found ourselves entering the building and I ran to the shoe carnage. Boxes flying everywhere as men and women rummaged for a pair of shoes in their size.  £25 ain’t cheap but considering they are usually £95-150 I made sure I got at least one pair to make this day worthwhile. great way to catch up with friends - or catch more Pokemon...

Got to my tumblr to see more of the indie graffitti I saw including a cat chilling in a shop counter ^^

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