Monday, 12 March 2012

Monthly Anime Meetup

So I'm on a roll at the moment, I managed to make time to go to this monthly Anime meetup held every 2nd Tuesday of the month, problem is when these emails are sent out automatically you forget they could be out of date.

Even though it had 3 people confirmed as attending I couldn't find anyone ^^; Doh!

The event coincided with the month Japanese meetup so my friends said I may have got the venue wrong...doesn't help when the Venue is the Crooked Surgeon and all Google finds is The Slug & Lettuce definitely right building, just wrong sign. Luckily between the five of us we still had a good time and whilst occasionally socialising and one particular member on the group hitting it off with the ladies we had a an enjoyable time. i do recommend though: if you are unfortunate enough to be the only guy/girl in the group do NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES play 'I Never'. DX I was ravaged but I took on the chin and more importantly saw some peeps I don't usually meet up with so it was good reconnecting.

Don't you agree?

The Crooked Surgeon is now The Slug & Lettuce

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