Saturday, 17 March 2012

DIY: old mismatched necklace

I was a bit bored today, so I went out to my local shopping center bought a random mis-matched necklace from the Salvation Army charity shop and decided to fix it.

This necklace has a mix of gold findings with copper chain and even silver. I would have to take the thing apart.

After racking my brain i came up with the idea to take some bits off to make a completely new necklace.

I removed a cameo pendant off it and also removed a similar filigree circle which I used a round tip plyer to add some rings to attach the cameo to the filigree base. After a bit of fiddling I took an old chain and bob's your uncle. A completely new necklace that I'd ACTUALLY wear :D

When you get bored with your jewelry pool them together and recycle. If not donate them to your local charity shop so someone else can enjoy their charm.

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