Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Woman in Black

Rights reserved of Illustration to Anty Quinn
I hate going into a cinema with pre-fixed expectations but after seeing the stage production a few years ago and seeing all the adverts hyping up the fact that the famous Hammer House team produced this movie I did go thinking I'd get a thrill.

The biggest shock I received was when a crow unexpectedly flew to a nest of dead babies. I was gagging. Nothing else remotely scared me in the movie well apart from Potter's acting. i refer to him as Potter because even with stubble the dude did not make a convincing adult let alone father !!!!

The only amusing moment was the introduction of the twins, I expected dolls we get dressed up Chiuauas and trust me they did not look amused. Someone call the RSPCA already... That's a few hours I will never get back and trust me I could of enjoyed spending that money on a big mac meal.

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