Saturday, 22 November 2014

Catfish: the series

Since the phenomenon of 'Catfish' the documentary, MTV commissioned Nev &Max to find some deluded people in America. For anyone who hasnta clue what this is - I am not discussing seafood!

Catfish is a coined term by Nev for people in love with fake online profiles. These fakes are referred to as catfish. Catfish go lure people into these deceiving relationshis for all sort of reasons. Fake photos to cover up their insecurities.THEY feel unattractive? Big, small, short, ethic, gay, straight - this would be simple but catfish can be - I have seen fake relationshis last for years to excite revenge aka public humiliatio. Obviously this grates on Nev & Max who actually want to help or uncover be not big up a fraud.

Well over the span of two series I have seen one woman enter a relationship to find out it was an ex's girlfriend distracting her from the guy they were both fighting over. Say wut?

I particularly enjoyed the bi curious guy looking for a relationship with a lady boy who turned out to be a lesbian woman. Though her paid for him he was only interested in a trans gender experience showing what douchebags out there exsist.

Or how about the country bumpkin who thought he was dstomg a playboy model! This was all real except the model was in fact someone he knew. Make the model a few sizes bigger, he had no problem telling her he wasn't interested.

So after many tragic episodes I finally came across one exception where the people in the relationship ACTUALLY match their photos Lol. They hit it off and probably got married, I dont know, got bored yo watch it to the end.

So the moral of the story is to meet before you commit yourself to s potential fake relationship. Could be real but what's the harm in video chat or a meet up to confirm?

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