Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Who is Di Depux?

Di Depux may sound familar to you? Long time etsy buyers know and respect this woman for being hot competition for the likes of acrylic Jewelery designers such Tatty Divine.

DI Depux is the stage name for the model/designer Despina Bournele, who is from Athens,Greece. She's been a graphic designer since 2000 and now running her own shop ''DI DEPUX'' to customers all over the world. She designs websites, photo editis and combined that with her love for making jewelry so she will add a new season range once in a while but focuses on her custom orders,

The customs vary from her many fonts of writing in English, Japanese and even Persian. She has lots of differet fonts and colour combinations perfect for gifts, cosplay, hen party trinkets and your own project.

She is very environmentally friendly and is actively following and promoting Leonardo DI Caprio's foundation to protect the Atlantic ocean harbouring 1000's of untouched sea life threatened by extinction by man kind.

She is also an avid anime and kawaii lifestyle fan so her designs often include characters such as Hello Kitty, Twin Stars, Sailor Moon and recently Ardley. SHe can also do custom designs based on your own imagination.

Di Depux has also released a range of bags featuring logos, custom names, themes from her new range on top made to a high finish making for a real boutique feel. Amongst doing this she still has time to look after her two boys. This definately a super kawaii mamma.

INSTAGRAM: @didepux

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