Monday, 17 November 2014

Kitsune Art Exhibition at Hyper Japan: who is #moonpride ?

Recently I attended the Christmas themed Hyper Japan market, (14th-14th November, at Olmpia) the focus was more on shopping for kawaii (cute), hand made gifts, anime merchandising, cultural souvenirs and Japanese food.

Upstairs nestled between the many lolita fashion stalls and anime merchandise was a wall filled with colourful illustrations dedicated to Sailor Moon. Kitsune Art had showcased many illustrations by 100 different artists on the wall. This was not all #moonpride had to offer.

Fiunder of Kitsune art Lucia and accompanied by Renee did 'live art' by painting dunnies from Kidrobot. This resulted in a gorgous Sailor Moon and all three cats; Luna, Artemis and Diana.

This was all sold and proceeding given to Plan B charity.

Now what is Kitsune Art?

Kitsune is Japanese for 'fox' - this is all headed by Lucia Fioretti.

Born in Italy, in a town near Venice and Treviso, she was surrounded by beautiful landscapes and constantly breathing the scent their glorious artistic heritage.
Drawing has been her passion but after much manga, anime, Disney's movies, comics and fairytales/fantasy/gothic books she decided to follow the path of imaginative art as a self taught artist.
Lucia's illustrations have been shown in some collective exhibitions in north Italy, Rome, Los Angeles and Now London - Hyper Japan.

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