Wednesday, 18 March 2015

EGX Rezzed at Tobacco Dock 2015

 Avid gamers were given a new event and venue for 2015 after many years of Eurogamer homed at Earl's Court, since the closing down of the venue - Eurogamer moved and a the small EGX Rezzed came to Tobacco Dock.

I was pleasantly surprised with firstly the area - the venue is situated between Shadwell and Whitechapel and in a very different kind of venue. The Venue was split into a large courtyard with lots of medium sized room and corridors like a maze. Each room had a sign indicating the type sof games and the press, toilets and information areas were on the basement floor.

I mentioned before about trying out Friendship Club, that was located in the first Indie room and it sure was a lot of fun. To make the most of the Mexican shootout and other modes play with 2-4 players where you use your heads to headbutt or dodge. This pop-art looking fighting game holds alot of entertainment.

 A game I played at random for it's slick cover art was Ragnorok - baseds on Nordic myth, the game is set before the apocalypse and the world is slowly changing. Using the Oculus Rift you walk around the barren wilderness, as you pass spikes coming from the ground you follow a Sasquatch running into a cave there you come across a wolf - here begins your journey. This is more of an experience than game you feel the atmosphere and surrounding. Turning left and right to see or using the analogue pads also.
Adventure box was a great game for RPG fans were you are in a minecraft sort of world but instead of spending a week to make a house, you insert premade houses and use the week to make a city instead. You can customise characters and also add story. Once your RPG is complete using a link you can invite your friends to enter the world you created. This game is used on the internet browser so your friends don't even have to own the game to play in your world.

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