Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Find a Melted Majora's Mask 3ds on eBay now!

One of the 'hottest' Nintendo products to fly off the shelf on February 13th this year was the glamorous gold Majora's Mask new 3DS. Release with limited edition Skull kid figure and new game pre loaded onto the machine.

Most Zelda fans would of been ecstatic to get their hands  limited edition Majora's Mask New 3DS but from reading this some people would rather have the satisfaction of trolling.

On  eBay a seller was found selling his Majora's Mask limited edition new 3dDS but not in mint condition. In the name of 'ART' he decided to melt the handheld in a microwave.

The best part he is now trying to sell the handheld on eBay for a ridiculous price of  $11,315. People can try to offer 'Best offer' but for some reason I don't think he will get much interest.  The seller's name is perfectlymadebirds, and the item is listed as “seller refurbished.”

The description for the item is:

 “Working GOLD Nintendo 3DS was microwaved to NON-WORKING Order for purposes to CREATE ARTWORK using the microwaving process inside a fully customized microwaving robot shielded enclosure. 1200 Watts of microwaving power was used to microwave the device inside a 2.2 CUFT VINTAGE 1970S era Whirlpool Microwave BEAST.”

It includes a handmade toad with an eyeball, instruction manuel, box but unfortunately no power plug adapter - suprise suprise.

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