Monday, 16 March 2015

What is Matcha?

One of the most signature flavours of Japanese cuisine is Matcha. This can be used in tea, milkshake, cakes, ice cream - you name it that flavour is there! However what is Matcha? Being British I originally didn't know what it was and assumed by the colour and smell it was a type of tea. These common assumptions stop people from trying new things.

My assumptions were correct, Matcha is a finely milled green tea powder made from  Japanese tea leaves! This is a speciality tea as these leaves hail from special areas such as Uji, a region high in the hills around Kyoto. You can only reach this region by foot. What makes this area so special and the tea so pure is the area is completely untouched by pollution and rich in friendly bugs such as spiders, ladybirds, praying mantis and dragonflies to keep the pests under control. Shade grown for the final few months to allow the leaves to fill with chlorophyll (important for detoxing the body and also used in toothpaste) the young tea buds are picked, dried and ground in a granite mortar all by hand.

With the shortest ingredients list:

Ingredients: Matcha green tea powder (100%).

Product weight - 113g

Benefits of eating/drinking Matcha

The Japanese are famed for their healthy eating habits and fantastic skin. This is attributed to eating a misture of organic and raw food.

Matcha has been accredited centuries for its energy boosting, mind focusing, and metabolism enhancing properties. It has been drunk as part of traditional tea ceremonies for 900 years for ladies coming of age. it is also used by Buddhist monks to keep them alert and focussed during long days of meditation.

How Matcha are you?

As I mentioned, the environment the matcha is grown affects the purity and has a direct effect on the grade and final flavour of the Matcha, in total there are three:

Ceremonial grade Matcha uses the finest, smallest shade grown leaves from the very tip of the tea bush - giving it a very vibrant green colour and a slightly sweet, smooth flavour.

Premium grade Matcha is ideal for both drinking and home baking, can add unique flavour and incredible colour to food and drink recipes.

Basic grade Matcha is slightly bitter, less expensive and is generally only used for cooking.

Ceremonial and Premium grades of Matcha are ground in stone mortars for many hours. This creates a unique light smoothness that is perfect for drinking. I am currently using Kiss Me Organics Premium grade and just a quarter spoon is giving me an intense taste and relaxed stomach.

I'll be posting receipes soona nd idea on how to use it and what i do with it ^_^ Aisha Anime

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