Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Reztron: secret boat party

REZtron have always been my favourites in way of events they rep the under appreciated Sega consoles of which I am a loyal fan of.

Past events have included silent disco at Clapham, free food at Hoxton alongside our favourite retro game classics playable.

There newest concept brought all the different aspects together on a beautiful yacht. Not just say yacht but the one docked at the Excel center.

You came to the fifth floor past the glamorous chandeliers and smartly dressed staff to another world. Upon entering you pick up your headsets with two stations: 90's cheese and game tunes. Now your kitted out it is time to game!

REZtron had several consoles set up including: Sega megadrive, dreamcast, Saturn and CD. If that didnt take your fancy why not enjoy the ambience on thr balcony whilst looking over the London view.

People weren't afraid to dance and game competitively. The sonic speed run held great banter between casual and hardcore gamers. Everything was tied up with a Hawaiian bow.

Great new concept from REZtron, for more events follow them on fb and their website.

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