Saturday, 15 August 2015

Ladybaby - cute girls and a beardy wrestler

Another novelty band you may think but actually so were Babymetal but they did pretty well right? I came across this time a Japanese trio called Ladybaby -formed with two young Japanese girls - Rie Kaneko, 17; Rei Kuromiya, 14 who are accompanied by Australian Wrestler, 32, Ladybeard. They are described on their facebook as to "Destroy dancing and singing all of the border , a new sense idle group of Japan souvenir". 

So this Ladybeard is a Cosplayer, pin-up model (witch his own book may I add), established wrestler in Asia, and a heavy metal singer. Oh, and sometimes, a movie reviewer. the irony is as much as th pin up aspect freaks you out (but you cant help but look closer) one of the girls was also a puin her younger years...moving along swiftly.

The bearded idol has been perfecting this look for years now, starting to wrestle in dresses from 2009 and wearing a dress at the age of 14 at a costume party. Since then, he's enjoyed wearing women's clothing to the max and boy does he own the style.

While Ladybeard might seem gimmicky to most like Conchita (Eurovision contest) there's a bit more going on than just a bearded guy in a dress: his vocals aren't too shabby and he manages to incorperate otaku motifs in his performances and style.

It was Ladybeard who formed the band and coined the genre of his music as ‘Kawaiicore’ – death metal covers of J-pop songs. The unlikely pop group's first music video featuring a track called ‘Nippon Manju’ (Japanese Bun), a song covering all the things they love about Japan hit 1million views after being uploaded.

The video shows Ladybeard singing with his band while dressed in a French Maid's outfit or Little Bo Peep, while his two little scantily clad co-singers dance alongside him through the streets of Tokyo, one day I would like to see this in person.

Watch their video here.

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Ladybeard cosplayed as Chun Li at Comicket 2015  in Japan

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