Thursday, 20 August 2015

Let's go to the Caribbean: Animekon Review

Last weekend saw the 6th annual Animekon, the self-proclaimed largest convention in the Caribbean. My friend Damian decided to go along and report on the event. Thousands of attendees, hundreds of cosplayers and… not much to do. 

"Perhaps I’m a little harsh there were numerous gaming tournaments and several booths with everything you’d expect at a con: food, comics, merch but to say you could see everything on offer in less than half an hour wouldn’t be a stretch. 

Also game companies don’t even see the Caribbean as a region, something local gamers know only too well, so don’t expect to see Sony, Microsoft, et al. in attendance showing off upcoming releases. The only gaming available will be past releases you’ll have to pay up front for the privilege of playing.

Special guests this year included Yaya Han and Kamui Cosplay whom were both amazing and had a couple cosplay panels. Other notable guests were Christian Howard of Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist fame, Calen Hoffman a masterful cosplayer in his own right and authors Lucy A. Snyder and Randy Stradley.  Long Island Joe returned, not a featured guest this time around but that didn’t stop him from having an exhibition match with the champion of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament. There was even a panel and booth from the infamous Full Sail University.

Animekon does have some quirks that sets it apart from other conventions I’ve been to. Perhaps the Karaoke competition isn’t that odd but the annual Kamameha competition must be unique. This year there was also a ramen eating competition as well as a push -up competition of all things. Seeing a group of guys, some in cosplay, doing choreographed push-ups is quite a sight. 

The cosplay tournament was also captivating. Barbados being a small island, it’s difficult to acquire some of the materials that are ubiquitous in cosplay in developed countries like worbla, but that doesn’t stop people from getting creative with fabric and cardboard and whatever else they can lay their hands on.

So all in all Animekon was a good way to spend a weekend I would’ve otherwise been home doing nothing."

For a native this isn't much compared to the London Con's he has attended but for me I can't wait to hit the warmth of the sun and different panels and talks by the top guests.

For more photos from the event go here.

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