Thursday, 13 August 2015

Film4 Summer screening of Princess Mononoke at Somerset House

Film4 after 10 years screened their another anime from Studio Ghibli. The chief programmer Dave Cox came on stage and talked of the popularity of Spirited away and then Howl's Moving castle. These anime's bought a full venue to Somerset House making Anime a more mainstream viewing.Due to the increasing popularity he mentioned a future screening of My Neighbour Totoro which prompted avid fans to scream with joy before the movie began.

It is safe to say they showed a remastered uncensored version of Princess Mononoke showing a lot more gore with heads and limbs flying off and much more spattering blood. The graphics were also sharpened and at times I felt there was CGI.

Absolutely loved the atmosphere - everyone was allowed to bring their own food and drinks but with a bar bar available. Blankets and pillows were available if you wanted to lie down and become fully engrossed in the movie. The Somerset house mixed with great weather was perfect.

The story follows next in line village chief, Asitaka, of a secret tribe who encounters a possessed boar which wounds him and seals his fate. He is exiled from the village in order to find a cure for his cursed arm which swells every time he is near danger or the person who turned the boar evil. Him and his elk Yakul travel to the forest of the Deer in hope of a cure and encounter Princess Mononoke and the wolves who seek revenge against Lady Oishi of the Metal works.

The story emphasizes the morals of looking after nature and not ruining it for your own selfish needs. Also to respect animals and what they bring to the environment and society.

There are still more screenings with tickets available so check out the Somerset house website for their schedule.

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