Friday, 7 August 2015

Nineworlds: Gaming beyond the West - live blogging

It was refreshing to see perspectives into characterisation in gaming in regards to diversity.

The majority of games protagonists follow the majority be it caucasian or Japanese looking characters.

We only have the power to bring diversity in our own customisable avatars in mmo games and some free roam rpgs. As it has bern argued that in for example a female protagonist in Assassin's Creed unity was too hatd to animate yet using one in a previous gane in the series, it is hard to understand the challenges or prejudices.

As technolgy has developed and we have photo close graphics - minotitirs are bring noticed as not being accurate or used at all. This would not have bern a problem in gamrs like ping pong or tetris.

Mobile games are easier to market snd highly profitable as they use fruit, animals instead of humans as candy crush or bejewelled do mot offemd people and therefore easy to localise.

Games also reflect popular culture and different mediums such as movies, books etc so as pop culture chamges, games hopefully chanfe alongside it aswell.

It is always interesting to look into historical accuracy in games which Taren Matharu (author of Summoner - the novice) went into detail such as world war 2 games with the high statistics of black amd south Asian soldiers where none are shown. Not even a mention or reference to a name, it is alk predominantly American with a few British. Proportions are not correct but is it fair?

The game Sunset by Telltale games follows a black house keeper of a dictator in 1970. Commercially it didnt make a lot of money but with their own miney from previous successful titles they made the game with their own free reign. Crowdfounder and kickstarter campaigns help gauge interest and support independent game studios yo make unique games.

Never Alone proves cultured games with diversity have appeal to the worldwide audience. It has stiries based in the north pole from eskimos and give us an insight which was the aim to be educational and proves to demonstrate so.

Some of the recommendations from the panelists of a good representation of diversity in games are:

The Walking Dead
The last of us
Assassin's creed
Yukuza 3

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