Sunday, 8 April 2012

Brighton, Bdays & no blankets

photos courtesy of Anty Quinn
 Ah I complete believe it I managed to round up a bunch of the Anime society for Sean's Birthday party! (trust me this is no easy feat, it's like catching free range hens). After some evil plotting the suprise back fired and all was revealed to Sean as well he thought no one was coming and the bf got annoyed at me and many blah blahs later (and a much happier Otter ^^) I refused to tell him who was actually turning up - I will have ONE element of suprise God dammit!

Tip no 1 - always bring cards & snacks.

Dave's Comics great place for discounted manga
It kept everyone entertained playing blackjack  apart from the the gamers comparing their PSP Vitas booo you anti social poos I mean tell me next time so I could be anti social WITH you. After enjoy two of my squished egg sandwiches we were there and ready to hit the chilly streets, did I mention we went a day after the glorious weather and ended up soaking the salt air and cloudy skies - no rain so i was ecstatic. At this point I had said 5 times that no matter what we were going to have fun, despite the monsoon or a renegade badger devouring our bbq.

Fun was on the menu! So was a Chinese ^^ The food was a little bland, the guy opposite me ate his sushi which looked that of the Tesco value range :s The *Bubble tea i got excited tasted like Nesquik and the balls, ohh the balls they were small and way to soft :( My first bad bubble teas moment. luckily I order calamari which was fresh and sizzling - i can't comment on the others meals but a lot of bubble teas were left un drunk and hunger lingered. Damn shame but after a long walk through the town our spirits lifted on entering the comic book stores!
kitsch clothes in Brighton

*Bubble tea is a new trendy drink which can be made of fruit juice or milk flavourdness with a tea base and tapioca (vegetable) balls at the bottom, it's a lot nicer than it sounds.

Stopped off at Sainsbury's for a booze and snack run and then the party began ~

ultimate geek pad <3

Who wants to play Street Fighter?  or should i say

Shitty Fighter? Got your attention now >:)
Lol not my game but I played, I lost, I moaned ! Ha ha I preferred the Star Show game where I just moved around and shot stuff and picked up cash and VCR's XD Needless to say everyone got competitive on Supermario Bros and Donkey Kong - I stayed outta that war. All I wanted was a bed, no blankets or pillows but lots of towels, I had a towel pile on me at one point kept me nice and toasty ^^

Gaming brings ppl carnage

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