Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ra.One: Gaming with proverbs

I finally got round to seeing Shurukh Khan's super hyped movie produced by his wifey, mum sky plus-ed it and I sat down with a open mind and some Toffe Butterkist popcorn.

This movie was heavily advertised, wherever Mr Khan could he media whored himself preformed the item song on every show, movie awards, apparently it didn't make as much money as Salman Khan's movie Dabung...

Great thing about sky plus is you can pause for bathroom breaks and forward past the corny songs and that what Indian movies pride themselves in cheesy songs with 20 costume changes. i have to say 30minutes went by with no songs !

The beginning echoed similarities from devil May cry and well general game type dialogues and well you the save the bird and beat the bad guy right? Sanjay Dutt as guest appearance bad guy was amusing and appreciated. I liked the intro set the scene for the main protagonist, the kid likes villains because they are powerful and 'kick ass' so his poor bumbling idiot of a father with an awful perm creates a new game with a powerful villain ( is Hindi is the name of an evil god Raavan, the Hero is called G.One which means Life in Hindi, I liked the thought went into the names and concept of the fake game :)

Shit happens and the villain leaves the game and goes after the kid only knowing his gaming alias 'Lucifer', daddy dies and so do a range of comical characters including Jackie Chan (Akashi being Chinese is always refereed to as Jackie Chan - stereotype or racism? Don't know don't care!). i preferred Sharukh's robotic acting frankly, Kareena was so so, I guess it was all about the story and Arjun Rampal's Abs.

Akon made a guest appearance as he did most of the songs on the soundtrack, did you know he can speak 7 languages fluently? I thought he was a gimmick but 'Chamak Chalo' is actually a really catchy song and I'd dance to it at a wedding!

I'm not sure if I was watching a bit of Tron, the Terminator, Ironman or even unstoppable (yes there is a runaway train people!!!!) but I was entertained and was pleased with the movie, it was not the big pile of crap I expected it to be, I hope they make a sequel! Watch this movie if you like games, intense action and Shurukh!

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