Sunday, 1 April 2012

Free Anime Screening or April Fools Joke? Anna Pacquin voicing a Manchurian, that must a joke

Overall a great experience! The cinema itself was hidden away in some seedy alleyway passed some funky industrial estate and dodgey graffiti but after realising the owner was late to open the premises rather than it being an April Fools prank. We all enjoyed wondering around the Cinema.

A friend came across a free anime screening near Loughbourgh Junction station!I have no idea where it is and due to the victoria line being closed and South Eastern trains being non-exsistant but thanks to a friend and her kind dad I got a lift there today and got to enjoy a great anime movie called Steam boy.

The story was a little confusing but loved the basis of it being in London and the awful Manchurian accents. Patrick Stewat did us proud! Liked the silly British humour added in too.
Amongst people mingling, playing on DS’s and drinking at the bar, you even had card games, free popcorn and a raffle (no i didn’t win :( epic fail)

The only thing I didn’t like about this event was Anna Paquin’s voice acting and that ain’t Mayamada’s fault XD There next event will be a picnic in Hyde Park, check out their blog for more details but dodge ball in cosplay sounds good to me. For more photos of this event check out my tumblr!

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