Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter: Now bring on the eggs Jesus XD

Yeah it's that time of year when we thing Jesus, chocolate eggs, fried chicks and bank holidays !

So here is some cuteness provided by Princess Melus Crafts, she sent me a handmade card - it has me with bunny ears what's not to like?!

Check out her other fantastic stuff 

Also here's some randomness from a friend. He uploaded chick photos, the feathered kind, a guy with chicks :D ? Really?

Turns out his parents moved to a rural part of the country and decided to adopt some chicks, to produce eggs. Now how can you do that without you know a cockerel? Apparently chickens produce normal eating eggs (un fertilized) without the need for a cockerel. Yeah that's science for ya.

Aww say hello to Sage & Onion

Now what you've all been really waiting for EGGS ~

Now go binge eat..some alien eggs!

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