Thursday, 5 April 2012

PSP Vita Rocking the Social Network & Remote Play

Bad Boy PSP Vita

Everyone is going  wild at the moment for the next generation hand consoles, summer is coming and we all want to game in the sun J

The Playstation portable Vita (PSP Vita) was released in Europe February 2012 and had shops in a lockdown with pre orders, with rumours of long life battery to with stand the non use for a fwew days without having to charge all over again aswell as enabling augmented reality gaming and social connectivity, along with the "Near" and "Party" services similar to the Nintendo DS.

The ‘Near’ feature uses GPS to locate like-minded gamers to beat/taunt in the vicinity, and messaging make the console more sociable. The motion sensors are great for us retro gamers who twist and turn normal remotes and get nowhere!

Well my friend happened to get one as well as win the newer PSP Vita with 3G and in built 3D graphics. So I took the chance to see what all the hype was about and borrow one. To my amazement it was bigger than my PSP Lite but overall comfortable to use. Not being a fan of the touch screen took me a while to get accustomed to turning the pages but once I did I loved messing with the home screen options let alone playing any games.
Quality of the PSP vita camera in my garden

You have a camera, which isn’t bad and something to rival your iphone or Blackberry camera,, remote play is awesome, so if you have a PS3 you can link it up and transfer game downloads from the PS Store from your PS3 to your Vita (as long as it’s compatible).

Unfortunately if you do turn it off and not play it for a few days the battery does die so you need to re charge, boo ! Another thing I disliked was the lack of icons on the actual console, couldn’t figure out where the meory card slot was without reading the manual and almost using a nail file to open the darn compartment.
The Vita is backwards compatible only with PSP downloadable games, any old UMD discs won’t work folks nor will your SD memory cards.  Out with the old, in with the new

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