Monday, 16 February 2015

Plans for a Hayao Miyazaki Theme

There was first Disney land an amusement park paying homage to the founder of popular children classic animations. Such a tribute is now being made for Hayao Miyazaki often referred to the Japanese Disney. 

The popularity escalated from the Western infiltrating anime Princess Mononoke sending a great message of looking after mother nature. This many movies including notably My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service have inspired many designs of t shirts taking the internet by storm. Any Comic Con convention is not complete with Studio Ghibli merchandise and cosplays.

A “Ghibli Land” theme park was announced on Valentine's day to be made. The artist Takumi (@TakumiToxin) has just unveiled his design for the world’s most fully immersive Miyazaki experience. Sections include My Neighbor Totoro‘s treehouse (parallel to Disneyland’s Tarzan’s Treehouse), the Spirited Away bathhouse, Princess Mononoke‘s Iron Town, and, of course the park wouldn't be complete without a Cat Bus monorail that takes visitors around the entire park, this would all be around the centre point which is Howl’s Moving Castle.

This will be my next hot spot when i visit Japan ^_^

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