Monday, 23 February 2015

The Cosplaying Guinea Pig Family

I absolutely love the cosplayers of the animal world (as long as no cruelty is inflicted). It takes a lot of hard work to make the outfits and getting the pet to sit still or not destroy it within seconds so I commend all owners who get that far to do photoshoots. 

Today is a new kind of cosplaying animal I have come across, a lady called Ayu on Twitter has posted up a series of photos from different anime series of her family of Ginea pigs in cosplay clad and loving it.

Not only has Ayu done a great job with the outfits she has even added props and some photo-shopping for added effect.

Meet Kintoki (male) and his mate Chikuwa (female), and their lovely daughter Menma!

Animes cosplaying from include: One Piece, Mario, Chun Li from Street fighter, Girls Und Panzer and Usagi from Sailor Moon.

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