Sunday, 1 February 2015

It Only Happens in the Movies? Japanese Cinema and Encounters: A Bolt from the Blue

A time travelling magician? A great addition to the Japan foundation's touring film festival at the ICA London.

A Bolt from the Blue also known as Seiten no hekireki was a hit in Japan from 2014 due to being directed by a famous comedian, Hitori Gekidan. Based on Hitori’s own novel, it was a huge box office success in Japan. However there us more to the movie than meets the eye.

A movie following a dead beat magician with the skill but nothing to motivate him. Begrudging his parents for all his failures he lives by himself after leaving his dad after college. Resentful about his mother leaving him, he watches younger magicians get fame for his tricks.

One day after his flat is flooded he receives a call that his father is dead. He goes to the place where his body is found and discovers he had been homeless and living in a cardboard hut. In the hut he finds a photo of his father holding him as a baby, then like magic a both of lightening hits him and he is taken back in time to the year 1973.

Asakusa is the a place to launch stage performers and with help from a kid he is accepted as a trainee magician. It is here where he crosses paths with his young father to be.

With all the indications of his fathers faults and his birth nearing - will he find out the truth about his mother? Will he carry on to live life so bitterly. A great film to take inspiration from. Shape your life as you want do not run away and make excuses.

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