Tuesday, 3 February 2015

‘RWBY’ Creator dies at age 33

Monty Oum, animator and director of animation for online-video pioneer Rooster Teeth and creator of the hit online anime series RWBY, died on Sunday. Austin-based Rooster Teeth member Matt said in a blog post that Oum had suffered a severe allergic reaction during a routine medical procedure last month that left him in a coma.

Oum was an active member of DeviantArt.com, for 11 years, he shared his art concepts for characters there is even a recent post where fans are leaving comments of condolences and love.

His animation career began with 'Haloid', a showdown between characters from the video games franchises Halo and Metroid. That led to a job as a combat designer at Midway Games. After a stint at Namco Bandai Games, where he worked on the vidgame Afro Samurai, Oum joined Internet production house Rooster Teeth as character animator and choreographer.red vs blue In 2012, he created, directed and was lead animator for RWBY. Last year, the show won Streamy and International Academy of Web Television awards for best animated series.

Oum was also very considerate of fans and wrote in a Facebook post, “Fun fact: I try to make sure all my characters are designed with pockets/pouches so cosplayers will have places to put their phones/wallets.”

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