Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Powerpuff Girls return to Cartoon Network in 2016

The three girls made from sugar and spice are making a comeback! Blossam, Bubble and Buttercup return to kick evil's butt once more on Cartoon Network in 2016.

Cartoon Network will be showing in 2015-2016 agenda the reboot which will have Adventure Time’s animation director Nick Jennings as executive producer. This is positive news for retro fans of the show as we can only expect great humour and story.

The Powerpuff Girls cartoon was originally 78 episodes which started airing in 1998 though to 2005, developing a cult following. During Craig McCracken's first year in character animation he made a short film 'Whoopass Stew!' featuring three girls as main characters thus was the beginnings of The Powerpuff girls.

The Powerpuff Girls in CGI form for a 2014 special
It became known for its outlandish villains, including the wordy Mojo Jojo Monkey with a massive brain, and HIM, a sort of half devil, half goat transgender character who still haunts our nightmares to this day with his bizarre tactics.

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