Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Joypad's #videogamedemocracy caused a stir at Boxpark

Shorditch is becoming the gaming hub of London - finding almost 2-3 gaming events every week now from Nintendo to Sega here is a non sponsored event to mix things up.

I was absolutely impressed with the equipment to put the #videogamedemocracy in to play. You had a large screen at the opposite end of the room (away from the consoles) attached to two sets of buttons which people need to tap continuously to make up numbers to win the vote. The large screen had two games to choose from.

Upon entering I asked how it went and I was just in time for a vote and 20 people ran across the room and button bashed like there lives depended on it. This consisted of perseverance and real passion! I absolutely loved the comradely - no trash talk - all friendly banter - the best part were a lot of the people had just met each there today.

I had a chat with a couple of people at the event some came alone some came in groups - Anders said he came to a previous event and invited friends this time around to come along and they all made circuits around the many consoles to play a bit of everything.

Every 15 minutes the vote began for a new game on different consoles, people were given wristbands after paying entry and were allowed in and out of the tent to smoke, bring food and drinks. The audience were a mix of people who came straight from work in suits and younger with 50/50 ratio of Male and Female.

 Joypad is run by George Swain and Matt Farthing. Their next event will be the Official EGX Rezzed Afterparty at the Pickle Factory.

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See more of my photos from the Joypad event here.

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