Saturday, 14 February 2015

Top Valentine Cards

This post is to show different ideas of messages and photos you can devise to show how you feel about someone, they can be full on or subtle. Personally more cats involved the better :-p Enjoy!

 Let's start with the heart clad, tacky card and Yes it is a cat dressed as cupid! Keeping it cute and funny.

This card is for that cat enthusiasts as only we know the importance of a cat blink.
 Straight up permission the cats have given up to be a couple. Simple, not too gushy but cute.
 For the gaming couple, probably too cute for the male. Maybe you should stick to feeding him a sandwich while he plays more appreciation from that than a card. -----------------------

 Sarcasm might be more your thing so put them in their place. Simple slogan car.
Obvious and amusing good for long term relationships and good friends.

 Another play on words using your favourite anime character - word play is important.
 poems are nice, if you aren't Shakespeare rework an old classic awith your own style.
Or be random. Let's face it everyone digs the cage allover there face.

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