Sunday, 25 January 2015

Birthday treats!

So normally people post photos of what they received and brag about everything but over the years the materialistic aspect wears off or maybe just for me.

Here are my top bday moments from past and today -

Memories can survive years on but photos are a nice reminder so you can capture that moment forever in your wallet or whatever. This particular time I took Purikura in LPSC for the first time in years and it was magical. First of all you need the right type of friends with patience for Photo Sticker machines but normal photos can take seconds.

When the majority of your friends lurk your social network pages and never comment or like but come your birthday they say 'I didn't know what to get you but from Facebook I saw all your destroyed earphones, so I got you some Sonys.' I was chuffed to receive two pairs this year and a pre order for the new Axxent Wear light up cat ear ones that 6 people chipped in for. I think common sense and organisation wins it for this one.

Cards, i can't explain how much i love receiving a card in the mail or in person. One friend without a doubt always posts me one and this year I thought she forgot as I got a whatsapp message. But in the late mail I got something but when I returned home it was from that person and even included a cute London travel mirror. 
Art when someone takes time out of their life to personalise something for you -it is the most magical thing ever. Lots of artists out there commission things but when you know people with talent who share it for free you know it's worth more than anything store bought.

I hate cooking so anything home-made is gold to me. Baking is only an option if I am in the mood and it's for special people in my life. So asking a friend to bring cake the weight of a child was a mission. From Croydon to China Town this American Victoria sponge delight traveled. It got to me at 11pm and I had to go home so without even a long conversation Foolish Overload went home. The deed was noble. I then cut it up the next day for people I was meeting on my birthday and it gave a nice touchy to the evening.

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