Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Review: Wahaca

You are probably wondering since when did Aisha become a foodie? I've always have been but it's about having the time and experience to comment on food I feel. After two trips to Wahaca - I think things need to laid on the line I am bnot a fan of Mexican food - only Chilangos has me my tastebuds and my butt over.

There were two options to eating, whether it be picking a choosing a few small dishes like 'tapas' or a big meal.

You had a mixture of tacos, burritos and salads, they do not sell chips here. Ultimate disappointment - why? Since I can't digest rice and the green rice looked particularly revolting. I had no alternative, they said they could give me a 'little more salad' instead...I want my carbs replaced with carbs soI am actually full...They would not eve offer sweet potatoe chunks in place. Though a friend said it's worth spending £4,50 on.

Well since every meal came with rice I was stuck so opted for the seasonal 'off the boat' fried cod cakes which felt like more a starter than main meal. It was plain, so seasoning something I could of put in the oven from Youngs or Bird's Eye. I also had to wait a while as the others foods where considered starters and arrived first.

I then looked at the specials menu and was horrified to see crickets there and a justification to help with food shortages...I really want to know who orders this and is is tasty rather than a fetish or survival experience? #chapuliNo Poor Jumney...

Sadly I ate my main meal in a few bites and forgot to take a photo of this glorified oven meal which felt like air in my belly. Definitely for those watching their weight or hate taste of any kind. I feel I  should of bought something ooozzing with cheese this may have been comforting.

For drink I decided to choose something refreshing - a citrus & mint fizz which tasted like leafy water - i do not recommend anyone order this. Also the glass it came in looked over used and had an unusual uneven rim. On the plus size I used the mint leaves - all kinda brown to clean my teeth lol.

While we waited a while before the waitress returned to get our dessert order I introduced my friends to the world of 'Extreme cheapskates' and explained that's where I learnt people cleaned there teeth with mint instead of buying toothbrushes and toothpaste. Frankly it made my breathe smell good but I don't think it would be enough to defeat plaque, When dessert arrived the aroma was amazing and dessert was by far the more superior dish.

With mouth watering choices from fresh cheurros, fried plantain and ice cream, rich chocolate cake drenched in three milks and peanut butter ice cream. I was stuff between cheurros and plantain. I went for plantain as it was new to me and I was not disappointed it was crunchy and sweet which the ice cream complemented perfectly but I tried a friends cheurro which was surprisingly hard and I was overwhelmed by the dark chocolate dipping sauce.

As I felt disappointed and still hungry came across a 'Spoon Amnesty' flyer stating that 4,000 spoons go missing every year an if you return the spoon you get a free plate of tacos. I wonder if this futile offer works, I mean how cheap, they are plastic baby spoons!!!


Small portions make this place great if your on a diet or need a quick lunch. it was overpriced and I left hungry. The first time I came I had a burito which made my vomit. So I will not be coming here again. two chances are enough and I highly doubt I would queue up 30mins for just a dessert.

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