Friday, 23 January 2015

Gamerdisco x Kotaku Event

 Where: The Book Club, 
100 Leonard Street EC2A 4RH London, United Kingdom
 Show me the money: Free
When: 21/01/2015 (always a wednesday)
Who are 'Gamerdisco' ?

The guys started out their events as 'Nintendisco' and became endorsed by them and toured at events. They then changed their name to encompass a variety of games "a spanking shiny new monthly club night' GamerDisco- a truly social video gaming event!

With multi-screen projected gaming from old skool Nintendo including Pacman - one of the higlights was whoever got the top score on single player mode got an instant prize announced straight at 8.30pm! In the next room near the lightbulb bar they had Bomberman people played competitively

After 9pm Sami Cetin representative of the UK for Mario Kart championships entered the scene to challenge people to Mario Kart tournament with lots of prizes to be won.

 Whilst the hardcore gamers got into their zone you had Jetset Rory spin some 90's tunes mixed with 8 bit; electro, hip hop and gaming themes including Pokemon and Street Fighter. Later relieved by Tom from Japan Underground playing the expected Kyari tracks back to back.

This is a night for both casual button bashers and seasoned pros alike - I saw a different sort of clientèle with more random bystanders than the usual gaming community.

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