Tuesday, 13 January 2015

MH Community event: Special Guests!

Capcom hosted a community event in anticipation for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate release. They invited 100 people to the office who all received an exclusive demo code for the game and a chance to meet the Executive Producer and Series Director in the flesh!

After much excitement in the queue we were all led upstairs at 12.30 after being ticked off the VIP list. We were then stamped and received our demo. Next panic ensued as too many people using the Capcom HQ wifi was not a good idea but thanks to Jake's quick thinking who ever could turn their phones into hotspots got to play and relieve the poor wifi connection. All was saved ! Praise be to Jake (community manager)!

This event was about community spirit talking and fighting with fellow hunters and it was amazing to see a few ambassador 3DS's floating about !
One of the main features of the game were the two new weapons and people were happy to play co op or on their MH3 games or just street pass. It was all relaxed atmosphere and there was even a pop up shop to purchase Japanese figures ! You WERE ALLOWED to come and go as you please to pick up snacks or get cash to buy things.

Then the star guests arrived Ryozo Tsujimoto (Executive Producer) AND Kaname Fujioka (Series Director) accompanied by a massive Cat in Kirin armour. People were allowed to get one item signed (personal) or a provided poster. There were a lot of unusual items including a hip flask, meat plushie and leather pouch - they were shocked to see I had a MH4 Ultimate bag, which I got free for playing the game at Tokyo Games Show last year ^^.

In the spirit of the hunt and with my Birthday coming up, my code didn't work, so I've decided to give it away to a lucky Monster Hunter fan, all you have to do is answer the question - What armour was the cat warrior wearing at the event? Comment on my facebook page, Like 'Aisha Anime' on fb and share the post. Competition ends Friday 23rd midnight (London Greenwich mean time).

Good Luck fellow Hunters ^^ Aisha 


Update: I would just like to add Capcom contacted me regarding my code not working due to the internet and they have given my another, cannot express how much these guys look after there community. Thank you so much Jake ! I'm back in hunt tonight guys :D

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