Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy Birthday Hayao Miyazaki!

Hayao Miyazaki is the legendary founder of Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli has produced anime movies that have been released worldwide and are often quoted as examples for the definition of 'anime'.

The film that gained fame for Miyazaki in the west was Princess Mononoke, a fantasy film that covered economy, pacifism and environment. He followed Princess Mononoke up with the iconic film, Spirited Away, about a young girl who gets lost in the spirit world, and has to out smart the witch of the bath house to get a job and earn her parents humanity and freedom.
His earlier works include the Lupin III film The Castle of Cogliostro, and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, which was an adaption of his own manga of the same name. Other highlights of his directing career include Laputa - Castle in the SkyMy Neighbor TotoroKiki’s Delivery ServiceHowl’s Moving Castle, and Ponyo.
Miyazaki retired in 2013, following the release of his film, The Wind Rises. Miyazaki’s influence in animation cannot not be overstated, and is considered as the Japanese Walt Disney.
Miyazaki was born on January 5, 1941, in Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan. Many rumours have span over his age but  turns 74-years-old today. He continues to oversee Studio Ghibli as a consultant.
Happy Birthday Hayao Miyazaki!

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