Monday, 26 January 2015

Idol Hands release date confirmed!

Pocket Games Inc

Green Man Loaded



OS - Windows 8 or later

Green Man Loaded is proud to announce that the first game to be released from the new publishing label will be the godly strategy game Idol Hands by Pocket Games Inc. and will launch on Feb 18th 2015.

Idol Hands is a strategy game where you gradually take over the world by guiding your people and defeating other gods. You are a god in a time of many gods. Rather than having direct control over your people’s actions, your people will live their own lives; placing buildings, growing crops, and micro managing themselves.

Without you, your people are directionless!

Your powers will provide them with usable land, protect them from attack, and control nature to their benefit.

With your help they can grow and prosper allowing them to increase the bounty of their harvests. They will learn skills to eventually form an immense fighting force that you can unleash upon your enemy’s population to wipe them out, leaving any other god powerless and defeated.

Key Features:

Play God with a nation of followers ready to respond to your command.
Shape a beautiful and fully-3D land as you see fit, carving out your perfect world.
Feel the power! Unleash massive natural disasters, striking your enemies down before you.
Play the game in the way that you want to. Multiple strategies mean that no two games will ever be the same.

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