Friday, 9 January 2015

Pokemon Cafe Opens today in Shibuya !

Tokyo is the home to many dedicated cafes to the one's favourite idols, anime and now finally Pokeom. The release of the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games have inspired a Pokemon cafe. It specifically serves up an array of Pikachu-themed treats from curry to milkshakes. Gotta eat 'em all!

The cafe, dubbed Pokémon Cafe Ω Ruby & α Sapphire, opened on Friday 9th January in the shopping hub of Shibuya. As website points out, the cafe is opened only for a limited time, and slated to end its run in late February.

Pokémon fans will have the opportunity to eat hamburgers, beef curry, mango pudding parfait, milkshakes with Pikachu's likeness on it.

The Pikachu-themed cafe is part of the Pokémon the Movie XY exhibition, which will serve Pikachu food and sell other Pokemon limited edition goods merchendise. Good's being sold incluide: postcards, t-shirts and tote bags.

In addition to munching on a teriyaki burger with Pikachu ear-shaped tortilla chips — which costs 1,080 yen (about £7) — the cafe offers Pikachu pancakes, curry buns and two types of Poké Balls: one made out of rice, the other made of mousse.

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