Thursday, 29 January 2015

Shorts on Tap: Tokyo Calling Event

Following a last minute tweet I found on Monday the 19th January, I found myself attending a film makers event organised by Shorts on Tap.

These guys had a line up of seven Japanese shorts for keen enthusiasts to watch and enjoy in aid of a collaborative event also being held in Japan on 9th Feburary called 'London Calling'.

I was absolutely wowed by the hidden venue with great laid back atmosphere and the actually viewing room with own private bar. If you bought your ticket online (£3) you had earned a reserved seat and it was a must to turn up on time otherwise you'd be standing or sitting on the floor.

The event was absolutely rammed packed ! The night itself was hosted by the charming Pia who introduced us to the movies and possibility of Q&A with directors of the shorts. unfortunately none were in attendance but this did not take away from the event. With waves of applause after each short screening.

The line up was as follows:

RIGHT PLACE by Kosai Sekine

This follows a man with his quirks working at 7 Eleven convenience store in Japan but not quite getting the retail job spec right. He then get's fired and finds a flyer for a new job, not something all people would be good at but it was the RIGHT PLACE for him. Previously shown at the Asia House - Pan Asian Shorts film festival.

BLIND by Yukihiro Shoda

A short about  is about the Fukushima radioactive disaster in Japan, the world being infected with disease and humans being blinded by gas masks and therefore not really experiencing life? That's what I got. A really artistic short.

CHIRURI (animation)by Kawasaki

An animation mixed with hand drawn/water colour and 3D I wasn't sure what it was depicting apart from poverty and people becoming slaves to their jobs. The animation was beautiful


Absolutely loved this, based around the area we were sitting - follows relationship if a Jpanese couple living in London, cheating and moving on. Makes a comment on braving the world and trying something new.

VALLEY OF DOLLS by Fritz Schumann

This documentary style short was both intriguing and creepy following the life of a lady living in a town of 37 people but inhabited by 300 + dolls she had made. I would love to see a feature film of this.


An action pack short staring Denden him and his mentor go into peoples memories and delete them. This particular client is having an affair, the wife wants to make her marriage work by removing all memory of the mistress.

HIDE AND SEEK by Kayoko Asakura

A great way to end the night with phscological thriller where a student turns up to learn how to play  the Koto. Where she is pulling into a game of ‘HIDE and SEEK’. To view all the shorts shown on the night go to the Shorts on Tap site,

I really recommend anyone who has an interest in watching films or film making to go t future events. A really enjoyable evening. I even got a few streetpasses.

Photo by Daniele Roversi

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